The Bucket Company – 1.2 Gallon Medical Grow System Kit – 12 Planters, White

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The Bucket Company 1.2 Gallon Medical Grow System Kit is the first-ever FDA and EPA approved plastic growing system. Ensures your plants are thriving in a growing medium, safe from any harmful bacteria and pathogens. Tested to ensure that no E-coli, mould, and algae can form inside the walls of the planters, guaranteeing a healthy and problem-free growing cycle from seed /clone to harvest.

Set up as a top feed, drain to waste system, or a re-circulating system. The most efficient watering system, and oxygenating the root zone. Reduces humidity and contamination while still enabling growers to recycle nutrient solution to adjust pH and reuse or discard. Can be used as a feed to waste when using mediums like soil and coco.

Perfect for automation and letting the irrigation manifold flow at 1GPM per minute. No more drain pans or grow-room spills.


V Bottom Pot Design
FDA and EPA Approved Plastics
Eliminates Mould, Algae and E-Coli
Ez-Pz Feeder System and Planter Screen Pot
Ez-Pz Branch Spreader Arms and Planter 1.2 Gallon Pots
Fully Expandable and Universal with customisable spreaders

Dimensions (L) 10.49″ x (W) 10.49″ x (H) 8.689″
Drain (ID/OD) 3 / 4″
Clips Size 1 / 8″, 1 / 4″, 3 / 8″
PVC Legs (optional) 1 / 2″
Recommended reservoir per 12 buckets 20-26 Gallons / 77-100 Litres

12 x Medical 1.2 Gallon Planters
12 x Reusable Screen Inserts
12 x Irrigation Manifolds
24 x Irrigation Manifolds Brackets
12 x Union Valves
40 x 180 Degree Sprayers
48 x 1/2” PVC Insertable Legs 9” High
4 x 3/4” End Caps
2 x Teflon Tape Roll of 15Ft
1 x FDA Approved Pvc Hose OD: 3/4” (25Ft)
12 x Elbow Mpt 3/8″-1/2″ Mpt W/ 2 Silicone Washers & Nut
12 x 1/2” Mpt TO 3/4 Barb Tee
10 x Fpt Tub Tee 1/2” to 3/4” Barb

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