LED Grow Tent Combo – 240 x 120cm, 2 x 600W LED/UV Boards


The LED Grow Tent Combo – 240 x 120cm, 2 x 600W LED/UV Boards is a full grow tent kit consisting of a 240 x 120cm tent with a high-quality 600W LED light, carbon filter, and accessories.

The 240 x 120cm Grow Tent is a high quality lightproof grow tent with heavy-duty SBS zippers and 600D heavy-duty reflective fabric. This tent features convenient easy-view windows to monitor the daily growth of your plants without having to open the tent. It also has easy access back doors to comfortably do all around maintenance on your plants.

The 240 x 120 x 200cm size of this tent is ideal for small-scale commercial growers. With a 2.88m2 footprint you can produce up to 1440g (500g/m2 @ 600W/m2, depending on strain) per harvest.

You can use up to 3 x 600W lighting system in this tent, which will give you 625W/m2.



1 x Futureponics Series 3 Grow Tent – 240 x 120 x 200cm

1 x 150-500MM 50mm Carbon Bed Filter

1 x Aluflex 3 Layer 152mm Plain Ducting, 10m

4 x Quick Release Clamp – 150mm (6″)

2 x Pynch 1/8″ Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets – Pair

1 x 24h Analog Timer

1 x Large Display Temperature & Humidity Meter With Temperature Probe

2 x Kingbrite Quantum Board LED/UV Grow Light – 600W, Lm301H, 3500K

2 x Inline Tube Fan – 6″ (150mm) with speed controller


Weight 40 kg


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