Grow Tent Combo – 100 x 100cm, 360W Apollo 8 LED


Our selection of 100 x 100cm combos comes with specialty parts, including our sought after air-cooled reflectors, LEDsMH & HPS bulbsfansfiltersducting and more!

Our 100 x 100cm combos will give our more ‘regular’ growers everything they need to get growing! The 100 x 100cm grow tents are ideal for four plants but can fit six snugly!

This grow tent combo features a 360W Apollo 8 LED which offers a low power consumption and heat generation that allows you to grow cooler in summer, and also save on electricity.




1 x Futureponics Series 3 Grow Tent – 100 x 100 cm

1 x Apollo 8 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light – 360W (256W True)

1 x AF Fan Mix Inline Tube Fan – 100mm

1 x Carbon Filter – 100 x 300mm (4″ x 12″) 40mm Carbon Bed

1 x Aluflex 3 Layer 152 Plain, 10m

4 x Quick Release Air Duct Clamp – 150mm (6″)

1 x 1/8″ Pynch Rope Ratchet Hangers – Pair

1 x Large Display Temperature & Humidity Meter With Temperature Probe

1 x Major Tech 24H Timer




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