Grow Tent Combo – 100 x 100cm, 240W KINGBRITE LED


Ideal for the grower who has experience in handling more than a handful of plants. Our 100 x 100cm grow tent combos come with all the trimmings needed in order to grow your perfect harvest.

Each 100 x 100cm combo comes with an air-cooled reflector or an LED grow light, carbon filter, humidity control, timers, and more! Four plants are recommended for optimal growing but six plants can be grown within this combo too!

This grow tent combo features a 240W LED Board which is an energy-saving and eco-friendly grow light providing plants with the natural sunlight and encouraging healthier balanced plant growth by stimulating photosynthesis. Suitable for more planting environment, especially hydroponic cultivation, greenhouse cultivation and commercial cultivation projects.



1 x Futureponics Series 3 Grow Tent – 100 x 100 cm

1 x Kingbrite Quantum Board LED/UV Grow Light – 240W

1 x AF Fan Mix Inline Tube Fan – 100mm

1 x Carbon Filter – 100 x 300mm (4″ x 12″) 40mm Carbon Bed

1 x Aluflex 3 Layer 152 Plain, 10m

4 x Quick Release Air Duct Clamp – 150mm (6″)

1 x 1/8″ Pynch Rope Ratchet Hangers – Pair

1 x Large Display Temperature & Humidity Meter With Temperature Probe

1 x Major Tech 24H Timer




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